Enterprises, advanced training together with research for the development of Turin.

Torino Nuova Economia is a mainly publicly owned intervention company set up in 2005 by Regione Piemonte, Provincia di Torino, Città di Torino and Fiat SpA to carry out one of the objectives of the Protocol Agreement aimed at maintaining a hub of production activity in the Mirafiori area.

Disused ex-industrial areas become fertile ground for the creation of new opportunities for urban renewal through reindustrialisation and the installation of business services.


About 300 thousand square metres of area to be given back to the urban fabric through building regeneration and socio-economic improvement.

The Technological Hub at Mirafiori is placed in quadrant urban representing the South Gate of access to the City of Turin.

This strategic position will be further enhanced thanks to council territorial planning projects such as the new "Corso Marche street network" and the future "Piazza Mirafiori", the extension of "Underground Line 2" and the integrated system of cycle and pedestrian connection paths between parks.

Technological Hub at Mirafiori